Nepal Visa Information

Nepal Visa and Fee

All foreign national except Indians need visa to enter Nepal. Free visa for SAARC countries tourist. and Tourist visa issued on arrival at kathmandu airport and at official overland Nepal entry point. you have to have a passport size photo. at the airport you are require to pay in US$ or Nepalese rupees and u can change money at the counter next to the visa desk. At overland entry points official accept US dollars only. Nepal visa fee is as below.

Fee / day

  • US$ 25 or equivalent Nepali Rupees Multiple entry 15 days
  • US$ 40 or equivalent Nepali Rupees Multiple entry 30 days
  • US$ 100 or equivalent Nepali Rupees Multiple entry 90 days

Nepal Visa extension fee for less then 15 days is US$ 30 or equivalent Nepali Rupees but more then 15 days extension fee is US$ 2 per day. Nepal Tourist visa can be extended only for 150 days a year. Nepal Transit visa can be issued from Nepal's immigration office at the Nepal entry point. Need to pay US$ 5.

ATM service all major city of Nepal. In kathmandu and pokhara people can get ATM in every 5 to 10 minutes different place.

We would advise you to bring US dollars to pay for your visa, most major currencies are usually accepted also. Although there is a currency exchange in the airport (if they will not accept your currency), you may not get the best exchange rate; therefore it is always a safe bet to bring US dollars. Visas can be extended at the immigration department office in Kathmandu and Pokhara for a maximum of 150 days in a year.                                

Customs & Clearence:

All baggage is subject to customs' check at the point of entry. Visitors are allowed to bring in consumable articles such as liquor one bottle up 1.15 litres, 200 sticks of cigarette, 15 rolls of photo film and 12 rolls of movie camera film. Visitors are also allowed to carry one binocular, one camera, one movie camera, one video camera, one radio, one tape recorder, one bicycle, one wrist watch, one set of fountain pens, one perambulator, 15 radio cassettes & 10 disk records into the country on the condition that they are declared and are to be taken back on return. Carrying narcotics, arms and ammunitions are strictly prohibited. Visitors can export souvenirs to their respective countries. The export of antiuques requires special certification from the Department of Archaeology, National Archive Building, Ram Shah Path, Kathmandu, Gold, silver, precious stones, wild animals and their skins, horns, etc, all drugs whether processed or in their natural state, are prohibited to export.

Airport Departure Taxes:

  • International Departure Tax
  • Domestic Departure Tax
  • This includes in Ticket Fee.

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